Why .ORG, not .COM?

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Really long story parsed down to just kinda long:

Back in October ’07 my old domain (frizzensparks.com) came due. It had been, up until that point, automatically renewed by my hosting company.

The hosting company I had switched from a few months earlier to an online buddy’s server…

See where this is going yet? Oops. Blank screen.

Normally, this still wouldn’t have been a problem. I could have gotten the registrar info from the old hosting company (I had completely lost all of my info in the chaos of my home life), and re-upped it on my own…

…If we didn’t lose internet access that week due to serious financial issues. Then the computer pretty much croaked altogether (hard drive shuffled off it’s mortal coil). All in all, a perfect storm of epic clusterfuckery for which I can blame no one but myself.

Even this could have been overcome, except for the fact that the situations in my life that caused the financial issues, and other personal family issues that are still not completely resolved, had officially used up my last reserves of Give-A-Shit.

At the time, I just didn’t care. Had too much other stuff going on, so I unplugged.  Bigtime. Electronically and personally. I’ll be blogging about some of that soon, so I’ll spare you the details here.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for a squatter to snag my domain. Like, maybe a week.

Just out of morbid curiosity, I made a bid for my old domain when I got back online and started building Frizzen Sparks v3.0. I offered $35. I figured that would cover the registration fees since they squatted on it. Plus, I just happened to have about that much in my wallet. I would have been amazed if they accepted: I figured they’d want at least a couple hundred bucks (which wasn’t going to happen).

Didn’t meet the reserve price. Take a guess at how much that was.


I shit thee not.

But hey! They were willing to negotiate and start the bidding at a cool grand! BAHAHAHAHAHAhaaaaaa… fuck you!

For a non-commercial, personal weblog that, in it’s prime, got maybe 5oo hits/day??? And about 100000 spambot hits??!?

I guess they have to price it that high because the recreational pharmacutecals that allows one to believe that the old .COM domain was worth even 1/10th of that must be some really, reeeeealllly good shit…

Hell, if someone would have offered me five grand for the domain back when it was mine I would have cashed that check and laughed my fat ass off at the dumbarses who wrote it.

Besides which, I like the new tagline atop the sidebar: “Now Less dot Commie, More dot Orgy!” :)

So now we’re sitting tight and cozy here at our new home: www.frizzensparks.org

Remember folks, when updating your blog rolls for the reborn Frizzen Sparks: Commies BAD, Orgies GOOD.