Just like Gramma used to make

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Been meaning to do this for years. I haven’t had these made the way I like since my Gramma passed back in ’99.

Behold! The organy-lishiousness of Liver Dumplings!

Rave had to hide in the living room while I was doing preparations… and she has henceforth stated that if civilization collapses and we have to go cannibal that I will be doing the cooking AND she still isn’t eating the liver :)

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  1. No disrespect to gramma, cuz I know she was a hell of a cook… but man, I’ve seen my cat hork up more appetizing looking stuff than that.
    Maybe it’s one of those “have to be brave enough to try it to appreciate it” things, but I dono.

  2. If you like liver, you’ll love em. If you don’t, you may still… I know several people who won’t eat fried liver that like these.

  3. My Grandma, too. Welcome back. I got bonus points last week at work for knowing what a frizzen was, as it relates to Penna Blackpowder hunting rules.

  4. Liver? Oh hell no. I’ll eat about anything, but draw the line at animal organs.

    I had pork sisig while in the Philippines. I thought it tasted good until I found out what the “meat” was. Hog brains and its soft jowl cartilage.

  5. Oh. Mah. Gawd! The second the cab cleared the end of the driveway to take my mom to Massachusetts to visit her sister my dad would call me and make plans to go to the Bohemian Crystal or the Bohemian Garden or anyplace he could get Schnitzel ala Holstein, creamed spinach and liver dumpling soup because I was the only one in the family that would match him bite for bite!

  6. You guys are hard core. Mercy.

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