Microblogging is killing this place

Monday, August 24th, 2009


I go through the trouble to rebuild this place and let it rot.

I had to think long and hard last night about whether I want to keep this blog open or not.

I decided that I would, but that I need to get my ass back in the habit of regular posting instead of logging into Facebook every goddamn day for 3 hours+

Anyway, to anyone who may have thought I was on hiatus due to some angsty bullshit like I was posting a few weeks ago, no depressed bullshit: it has been pure neglect and laziness. I had a good solid month where I was depressed more than I care to admit, and I may get that way again, but right now I have some plans I’m working on regarding my life and even though it’s just simple shit it beats the hell out of the “Work, mope, sleep, mope, work, repeat” bullshit I’ve been doing of late. Just having a goal and working towards it improves my mental health quite a bit.

6 Responses to “Microblogging is killing this place”

  1. hey, you’ll keep this place alive.

    otherwise I’m gonna dip my nutsack in ink, stamp it onto a BIG piece of paper, and send it to your work address, with naked pictures of Nancy pelosi on the backside of it.

  2. If I can keep both plates spinning, so can you!

  3. Yeah, that’s the thing…

    A bouquet of roses to Og from Nancy Pelosi with a note that says, “thank you for rocking my world. You’re better’n a set of brand new D-cells…

  4. The other woman… Now I understand.
    Facebook’s nothing but a dirty slut, wanting to draw you in and suck the life-force out of your body.

  5. Yes! Exactly! And the bitch has time wasting games!

  6. Damn I don’t spend more than a few minutes a day on FB, but I still can’t keep up with all the blogs and reading and stuff. It’s making me want to tear my hair out, but unless I could just sit and browse all day, there just isn’t time.

    I need 2 of me – one to do all the net stuff the other to work and do real life stuff. I don’t think I’ll be able to find a clone to help me out. *sigh* more’s the pity.

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