I guess the suitcase with the kickback money wasn’t large enough

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Illinois Terminates Contract with AFSCME

CHICAGO (AP) — The Quinn administration has terminated the contract between the state of Illinois and its largest public employee union.

Assistant Budget Director Abdon Pallasch (AB’-dun PAL–lish) said Tuesday that after 11 months of bargaining, state officials informed leaders of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees there will be no additional extensions of a contract covering 40,000 workers that expired in June.

I’ll believe this bullshit when hell freezes over.
This isn’t a step in the right direction, this is an impasse over how the graft is divided, mark my words.

This IS The People’s Republik of Illinois we’re talking about here. I still have hope we’ll go down in history as the only state to have three governors in federal prison simultaneously.

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  1. Looks like Jesse Jackson Jr. finally got busted and has to resign. There is a little justice there other than he follow in the steps of many other Illinois governors, politicians etc.

  2. And we are changing our State Motto from “Land of Lincoln” to “Our Governors make our license plates!”

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