Not quitting, just changing tactics

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

As you may have gathered from the previous post I am less than enamored with the cognitive reasoning skills of my fellow citizens at this point in time.

If I could pack up my shit and escape to somewhere my loved ones and I could start anew, as my forefathers did generations ago, and escape the tyrannical grasp of those crushing my children’s future in their claws I’d already be there.

There’s no place left to go. The only thing we can do is fix what we can and to do that we have to get rid of those who are tearing it down.

No, I’m not talking about the fuckers in D.C. (although they’ll get theirs, BOTH parties), I’m talking about The Stupid.

Evil has been, is, and always will be there to tear down everything good hard working people have sweated to build. True Evil, however, is never a majority. It needs to manipulate a mass of The Stupid into doing it’s bidding in order to spread entropy and chaos.

For us to survive (and I mean survive quite literally) The Stupid needs to die.

The Stupid isn’t specific people, it is a state of being that can be changed. And when I say it has to die, i’m not advocating murder, even though die hard hosts of The Stupid cannot escape Darwin’s Law forever and many will self correct in the times to come that they helped create.

For years I tried doing my part in the battle against The Stupid by cajoling friends, family, and coworkers into educating themselves about what was taking place under their noses.

Overwhelmingly I received rolled eyes, blank stares, chuckles, and often outright hostility. I’ve been called racist, hateful, idiotic. I’ve had my level of education denigrated (I do not yet have a college degree), my morals, even been called soulless. Sigh.

This is why it is ever so goddamn tempting just to turn my back on it all and let it burn down. If I actually had that option, I honestly don’t know if I have the fight left in me not to take it. Unfortunately, I’m in the circus tent with all of The Stupid and as I said: There’s no where else to go.

Many folks who travel the same circles I do on the interwebs have been clamoring for a second American Revolution for years now. This I feel, at least at this time, is doomed to fail. Over half the population has proven our current situation is exactly what they want, and they will damn you for removing their shackles. The Stupid consider the chains of dependency as their security blanket.

So where to go from here…

It’s obvious that any opportunity to vote ourselves out of this mess is gone for the time being. The Evil/Stupid one-two combo has proven itself far stronger than even my pessimistic fat ass ever thought.

So we prepare.

The first part of preparation is within ourselves. I wrote a post a while back admitting I wasn’t psychologically or emotionally ready for the beginning of this shit.

I’m ready now.

I’ll still do everything I can to slow the entropy, but in the near future The Stupid is going to gain ground with a vengeance. Accept it, deal with it, channel the anger where it will do real good.

The second part of it is to insulate yourselves and your loved ones as much as you can from the times to come. Easier said than done for me given my situation and means, but as any disaster has proven the difference between life and death is often just a bit of effort and forethought. Bugout bags, food and water security, power independent of the grid, cold weather survival gear, and the ability to defend what’s yours. Think of all those stories your grandparents told of what they did during the Great Depression and multiply that by five. Be ready for that change, as much as you can be. I will be blogging about what we’re doing a lot in the months to come.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that, as the anesthetizing cocoon of material comfort we here in America enjoy is peeled away, The Stupid will largely self correcting. Either through a reawakening of common sense, or (as I said earlier) through Darwin’s Law.

Until then it’s going to truly fucking suck for all of us and we need to do what we can to have a chair when the music stops.

(That said, if we start hanging the fuckers in the streets I WILL be mightily pissed if someone doesn’t give me an invite).

3 Responses to “Not quitting, just changing tactics”

  1. We’re getting ready for whatever comes, both mentally and physically. Not to mention supplies.

    I knew The Stupid had taken hold in 2007 when my best friend of a lifetime called, screaming and crying that I must be in the KKK… that I was stupid and crazy and… well, you understand. And all simply because I opposed obama’s policies.

    My eyes were opened.

    Keep up the good fight!

  2. You are a racist, hateful idiot! heheh.

    THE STUPID – the raw definition of an entire class of brainless semi-American sloths. I love it. Leave it to Grau to come up with this. By the way, I just stole this phrase.

  3. “and they will damn you for removing their shackles.”

    Ain’t that the truth. Great line.

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