Eat the bread and enjoy the cirus

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Over half this nation is too fucking stupid to deserve it. Far more than half, too many of those who at least voted against entropy and destruction did so for the wrong reasons.

And I’m through trying to fight the fucktardistas. I can’t stand the grunting of people wallowing in the shit of their own ignorance anymore. I can’t justify spending emotional and intellectual capital trying to
shout over the squeals as they swarm to a trough filled by others any longer.

As far as I’m concerned any iota of national pride I had left died this week. I love what the United States stood for, and once was, and mourn that it no longer is. Honestly, I now realize it’s been dead for years and what I thought were the seizures of a curable disease were actually the writhing of maggots eating the corpse from within.

I’m done manning a fucking phone at the Suicide Hotline for this once great nation’s future. Press three for English, and while you’re on hold remember to cut down the vein, not across.

I’m stocking up on everything I can, fucking the government out of every dime I can keep, and if possible I will avail myself of everything I can get OUT of the system before it collapses. I will teach my children the same, and do my best to ensure they have the skill sets they require to thrive. The values I once held dear are now a fatal handicap and I will NOT lie to my sons about it.

They will never know the America I believed in, and this makes me weep.

As for our immediate future, I hope we fly off the fiscal cliff so hard that when we hit the bottom it’s an extinction level event.

Military cuts? Bring it. I have a cost cutting idea: pull out of Europe. Seriously. Let Russia HAVE it if they so choose to try taking it again. It’s damn near void of natural resources and apparently filled with fellow travelers. Better still, let Germany win this time.

Entitlements? Cut the everloving fuck out of them. I will laugh my fucking ass off as the mobs of gub’ment dependent grasshoppers that created this mess eat the sociopaths in D.C. alive when their checks bounce.

Close the national parks? Chain the gates. People will be living in them soon enough whether we staff them or not.

Medical care? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Go down to the drainage ditch and find some leeches.

I will gorge myself on the bread, listen to the circus from just outside the doorway, and warm my back when the tent burns down.

I will do a fucking jig in time to the screams.

Entropy always wins, it’s just a matter of when.

When is Now.

11 Responses to “Eat the bread and enjoy the cirus”

  1. Welcome back Old man!

  2. [...] Yeah, what Grau said. And I’m through trying to fight the fucktardistas. I can’t stand the grunting of people [...]

  3. pretty much

  4. Fuck that noise. I’m reloading!

  5. Good hunting. Make a nice berm from the bodies.

    I’ll save my ammo for when the time comes to start over from scratch.


  7. Welcome back— and ditto.

  8. I’ve got a big empty house now. Time to stock it with ammo & canned goods.

  9. Going to be doing quite a bit on the food/water/medical supply security front. We should pow wow :)

  10. Glad to see you back! And you are not the only one to shed a few tears at the final nail in the national coffin being tapped in on the 6th of this month. Being an election judge I saw it happen first hand.

  11. WOW!!!! Glad I checked back.

    With all the money being printed, inflation will eventually raise its ugly head.We’ve been buying canned fruit, nuts, peanut butter and rice. All stuff we commonly eat. I just have a boat load of it now and have a system for using the oldest first.

    This country is headed to Babylon. If you want to know the way back out, just read the Old Testament.

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