Happy 4th of July folks!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Rave and I spent this morning at the original Jamestown settlement.

William Kelso proved generations of historians wrong by finding the actaul fort. For decades it was thought that the original fort had been swallowed up by the James river. He disagreed and in the mid ’90s discovered the remains of the palisade wall.

He was there today, working at the dig. How awesome is that?

Having a blast down here. Haven’t decided if we’re doing Yorktown or another run through Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow (Friday will be whichever we don’t do tomorrow).

Probably skip the fireworks tonight though, the heat index is around 110 here….

After walking around the ruins all day we’re about pooped.

Have a great one folks!


4 Responses to “Happy 4th of July folks!”

  1. OK Dude. Vacation is over. We need some of your witty input. Pump up the jam!

  2. We need you Grau. Embassies getting sacked, riots, etc, We need your voice.

  3. Big Fred is correct…. as usual. Bring it, Grau.

  4. Big Fred,
    I’m calling the FBi to put out an APB for Gramagaus.

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