The Last Petition

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Kudos to Ace for his endorsement of Rick Perry.

Well worth the read.

Me? I’m of the realist bent that states that we are not voting our way out of this mess, and that it’s going to all go to shit.

A lot sooner than even those who consider themselves ready for it are prepared for.

I do not consider myself prepared for the breakdown.

Even if I owned my own compound hidden somewhere in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula packed with 20 years of food and enough guns and ammo to topple a third world country I would not be emotionally and psychologically prepared to watch it all tumble down yet. To watch the tattered shreds of the Constitution burn, and know that my grandchildren (assuming my sons survive) will only have stories of how it used to be…. stories that will hopefully fuel them to rebuild.

I wish to hell I was ready, but the gravity of the subject demands an absence of bullshit.

That said, those brave 18th century men who put their signatures on a document that was an instant death sentence should they have failed? Most of them weren’t prepared either.

They tried every legal and civilized method of redressing their grievances before reluctantly shouldering muskets and calling their brothers to arms.

That is what this election is to me. The last chance to repair, or at the very least slow the ripping apart of, the fabric of our Republic: The Last Petition.

You see a lot of people on the right wing of the blogosphere clamoring for the next Revolutionary War.

Those people are fools.

You see some infighting with each other over minor policy points, over what God a nominee prays to (or at least says they do), over how much money they make and how they made it, etc.

Those people are fooled.

Then there are those regretfully steeling themselves to shoulder a burden: making ready to try and fight the incoming tide. A battle they pray won’t ever come, but feel in their bones. And knowing that they will probably lose, prepare those who will come after them to rebuild. Like the monks in Ireland during the dark ages: keeping the coals of civilization glowing, ready to burn again when the conditions are right again. These people are those that the magnificent Bill Whittle refers to as the Remnant.

I don’t want to be the Remnant. But I prepare for it.

I want to bitch about minor bullshit, work, eat, shit, buy my great-grandchildren Playstation 12′s for Christmas, and die at an obscenely decrepit age in a modern hospital with the really expensive machine that goes BING! I want nanobots removing the bacon grease from my steely arteries right up until the moment I die at age 132, my cybernetic limbs catching fire as I Hover-Luge down a lava flow at 200pmh.

Much better than getting gunned down when they come for me and mine. Or when the riots start.

So I will be voting for the candidate my conscience says has the best chance of keeping the wolves at bay a bit longer in the primaries. And voting for Not Obama in the general election even if I have to bring a barf bag to the polls.

Ace won me over on that one. Perry it is. There are things I don’t like about him, but that particular turd has fewer undigested nuts than Newt or Romney.

And in the meantime?


5 Responses to “The Last Petition”

  1. I have to agree on Perry myself since Cain jumped out.

    I have more than a few thousand rounds of ammo ready to stave off the hoards. Mostly i have 12gauge shotshells in 2shot so that sustained firing does not kill all my neighbors in their homes across the street. actually i do not forsee riots in my neighborhood nor do i wish for them, but i can assure you there will easier targets for the 99 percenters, whatever that is. Gut shoot the first two and see the rest scramble like roaches.

  2. I’m leaning towards a flamethrower myself.

    Body armor melts :)

  3. One thing to be said for the 99% crowd: They define the phrase, “target-rich environment.” When the riots come, leave the frangible ammo in the box for later in the game.

  4. Biterroot,
    “Target-rich environment” Sick, but I like it too.

    If they want my stashed survival cases of Chef Boyardee Ravioli and Diet Dr. Pepper, they are going to have to want it BAD!!!

  5. “I don’t want to be the Remnant. But I prepare for it.”

    That my friend, says it all.

    I don’t want a revolution (2.0 or otherwise) but if such must come, and either it will, or we will sink into anarchy until such time as China, the Islamic hoards, or perhaps the Russians (in league with the Chinese?) assume our bit of national real estate, claiming it for their own.

    I would, like you, want to see what kind of persons my great grand kids (we have longevity on Mom’s side…it could happen) turn out to be. Tell my grandkids/great grandkids stories of what life was like in the “olden days”, before there was “total sensory immursion television”, or hedonistic get-a-ways to Mars, cars that “upgraded” themselves …. instead of buying a new one. And being on the reclining chair next to you while our nano-technology “roto-rooters” clean out the pipes…betting on which one of us goes “BING” first.

    But if there must be a right an proper house cleaning. If the damage is beyond the point of “systematic repair”, than let it happen now, on what is left of “my watch” (I still value and uphold my oath, though my branch of service no longer sees fit in calling me back to duty.). Better we suffer the initial brunt of hostilities, so that perhaps our great grand children will see the rebirth of the ideals we held dear.

    But look forward to it….dear God no!

    As far as Perry goes, he isn’t perfect…none of them are. But he is beginning to sound like the best bet for this particular time and place. Ace (and a few others out there) seems to get it right. It was a very good read. We shall see.

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