Clarification: I would like one

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Ok, everyone knows about Sodom and Gomorrah, the infamous cities of vice and sin that God wiped off the map.

We all know that sodomy is specifically taking it up the exit ramp and includes oral as well if you’re a fundamentalist who thinks anything other than missionary with the lights off is a sin.

If Sodom got it’s own class of perversion, why not Gomorrah?

Was this information lost?

What the hell is gomorragamy?

Flashing your junk at old ladies? Auto-fellatio? Pretending to be interested in an ugly chick so you can nail her hot friend? Fucking a chicken? Fucking the chicken’s hot friend?!?!?!

Dammit, I really need to know!

Or did Gomorrah just get overshadowed and overlooked, like Reno to Sodom’s Las Vegas?

These are the things my brain kicks out when I forget my phone and something to read during lunch at work.


I’ll bet the answer is somewhere in the Vatican’s archives.

In the back, behind the curtains.

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  1. Gomorrah seems to be the Milwaukee to Sodoms Chicago. Sodom, like Chicago, being the more well known, but from everything I have read, both cities were guilty of the same sins “vice and depravity”, though Sodom is specifically called out for it’s same sex transgressions (Or as others have suggested, it’s females having “relations” with angels.), so I guess that is why it gets “top billing” in the “Cities of infamous sin” category.

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