October 19, 2019

Anti-Pakistan banners displayed in capital

ISLAMABAD: Taking a serious warning of the display of anti-Pakistan banners in the heart of the federal capital, the Interior Ministry has ordered law enforcement and intelligence agencies to prosecute the guilty. More than 21 banners remained hanging on the main roads at the Kohsar police station facilities for more than nine hours (from 4.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.) on Tuesday, intelligence sources told The News.

Police withdrew the banners at 1.30 p.m. After a public complaint. The police hierarchy and the district administration deliberated on the issue individually and jointly. The chief commissioner ordered the police to register a FIR against the anti-state elements.

In separate meetings, the main police chiefs formed different teams to persecute those involved. However, no concrete clue could be found for the culprits. The sources investigating the issue told The News that they were trying to locate anti-state actors through the use of technology. They said that two men traveling on motorcycles were grabbed by the CCTV camera of the Safe City Project that hung the banners on the electricity poles near the National Press Club in the early hours.

“We are sure that the controversial banners were not prepared in Islamabad or Rawalpindi but elsewhere, while the people who hung them did not appear to be local.

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