October 19, 2019

‘Most wanted’ millionaire on run since 2015 arrested for strangling wife

LOS ANGELES: A millionaire born in Britain who fled for more than four years was arrested in Mexico and extradited to the United States to face a trial for the murder of his wife at his home in California.

“Today is sweet. We arrested a fugitive on the list of the most wanted in the United States,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer, adding: “Let’s not forget it’s bitter, there’s a victim, a loving 21 year old wife, mother of three children. “

In 2012, Chadwick called the police and claimed that a handyman had killed his wife Quee Choo Lim before taking him hostage.

Chadwick said the killer forced him to drive to Mexico to throw the victim’s body.

But American police officers who arrested Chadwick a few miles north of the border saw scratch marks on his neck and traces of dried blood under his fingernails.

They discovered a crime scene in the couple’s house and the suspect finally took them to a dump near San Diego, California, where he had hidden the body.

Chadwick, who made his fortune in real estate, was released in December 2012 with a $ 1 million bonus and handed in his US and British passports.

But in 2015 he fled, apparently taking inspiration from books that explain how to change his identity and live on the run.

He tried to fool the police by leaving clues that indicated he had escaped to Canada, said David Singer of the United States federal sheriffs.

After notification of the $ 100,000 reward, a council helped track Chadwick to Mexico, where he had apparently been living all the time, Singer said.

Chadwick was in possession of forged identity documents and lived in a large apartment in Puebla, a town near Mexico City popular with American expats.

Pre-trial proceedings will begin on Wednesday. If convicted of murder, Chadwick could face life imprisonment in a state prison.

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